Results from our latest survey of workers’ and employers’ attitudes to health and safety, and their behaviours in the workplace.

Health and Safety Attitudes and Behaviours Survey in the New Zealand Workforce

A survey of workers and employers in 2016

Attitudes and behaviours shape health and safety culture and what happens in practice at work.

Our Attitudes and Behaviours Survey helps us to understand and track changes in attitudes and behaviours, so our interventions and communications can target improvements in culture and practice.

The survey has been carried out annually since 2014. All three years’ results are in the 2016 cross-sector report.

Workers and employers in agriculture, construction, forestry, and manufacturing are the focus of the survey, as these four sectors have a high incidence of injuries and fatalities.

Workers and employers in other occupations are also surveyed to provide a point of comparison; this excludes the commercial fishing sector which Maritime New Zealand surveys.

More than 9,400 workers and 5,200 employers took part in the survey over the three years from 2014-2016. We thank all those who have shared their views and experiences with us.

The research company Nielsen carries out the survey for us.

Information about the questions asked and how the survey is carried out are in the frequently asked questions fact sheet and technical report below.

This report summarises the main conclusions and findings from the Attitudes and Behaviours Surveys from 2014-2016.

It also includes selected results from our 2016-17 Service Excellence Survey.

Overall, the results show signs of progress and improvement in the performance of the health and safety system. They also show that employers continue to have more positive views about many aspects of workplace health and safety than workers, and more work is needed to achieve sustained improvements and close the gap between workers’ and employers’ views.

Results from Attitudes and Behaviours Surveys (PDF 2.6 MB)

This report provides a comprehensive description of the survey findings and conclusions.

As well as describing results for workers and employers overall, results for the different industry sectors are compared.

How attitudes and behaviours are influenced by health and safety training and worker engagement in decisions about workplace health and safety are also described.

2016 Attitudes and Behaviours Survey cross-sector report (PDF 2.5 MB)

This fact sheet answers some of the questions people often ask about the survey.

2016 Attitudes and Behaviours Survey FAQs (PDF 116 KB)

This report describes how the survey is carried out and how the data collected is analysed.

The report also includes the workers’ and employers’ questionnaires.

2016 Attitudes and Behaviours Survey technical report (PDF 5.9 MB)