Proposed changes to Workplace Exposure Standards (WESs)

We are consulting on proposed changes to Workplace Exposure Standards (WESs) for the following substance:

  • Ethanedinitrile (aka EDN, cyanogen,  oxalonitrile) - CAS number 460-19-5

A review has been completed to recommend a proposed new WES value. The review document, which provides the rationale behind the proposed change is available below, along with the response form. 

If you wish to provide feedback please download and complete the response form and return to us by email.

Response form: Ethanedinitrile (DOCX 400 KB)

We encourage you to advise interested parties about this process, to help ensure that the consultation process is available to as many individuals and stakeholders as possible.  We would encourage industry associations to share the information with their member organisations, and feedback is welcomed from individuals, businesses and industry associations.

The deadline for response is 11th April 2018.

Where to send your response:

Email: Subject line: Consultation on EDN WES

Deadline for feedback:

Feedback must be received 11th April 2018.

Official Information Act:

We are subject to the Official Information Act 1982, which means that your submission may be made available to those seeking information under that Act.