Respiratory Protective Equipment

Substances hazardous to health in the air can be in dust, mist, fume, vapour or gas form. Respiratory protective equipment (RPE) reduces worker exposure to airborne substances. There are health and safety obligations for RPE for both PCBUs and workers.

While this guidance has not been updated to reflect current work health and safety legislation (the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and regulations), it may still contain relevant information and practices to keep workers and others healthy and safe.

Please read this guidance in conjunction with all relevant industry standards that apply to you as a PCBU. This guidance will be progressively reviewed and either updated, replaced with other guidance, or revoked.

Respiratory protective equipment

We have produced guidance on respiratory protective equipment.

Respiratory protective equipment – Advice for persons conducting a business or undertaking provides guidance that explains:

  • your obligations when providing RPE to your workers
  • some factors to consider when choosing suitable RPE for you work
  • fit testing, training and health monitoring.

Respiratory protective equipment - advice for businesses

Respiratory protective equipment – advice for workers provides guidance on:

  • who provides the RPE
  • when you need to wear RPE
  • choosing and using RPE
  • cleaning, maintaining and storing RPE
  • health monitoring.

Respiratory protective equipment – advice for workers

A guide to respiratory protection provides guidance on the selection, use and care of respirators.

A guide to respiratory protection (PDF 381 KB)

There is also a respiratory selection tool that you may find useful: