We have an online system which lets certificate of competence (CoC) holders record their continuing professional development (CPD) activities electronically.

You will no longer need to post or email your CPD logbooks to the Board of Examiners Secretariat.

While we encourage you to use the new online system, you can still record your CPD learning activities in the existing hardcopy logbook.

Continued professional development activity logbook (PDF 89 KB)

You are responsible for meeting the CPD requirements for your CoC(s) and for keeping an accurate record of your CPD learning activities. Your CPD records may be randomly selected to be verified by the Board of Examiners, so it is important that you keep an up-to-date record of your CPD hours.

Springboard online CPD system – Information for CoC holders (PDF 370 KB)

Benefits of the online CPD system

  • The CPD logbook will provide a “real time” running tally of the formal and informal CPD hours completed for each of the four competencies -operating and safety systems, legislation, emergency management and leadership.
  • You will have your own personalised user account and will be able to access your own CPD logbook at any time. You will also be able to easily submit applications for additional CoCs.
  • You will be able to save supporting documentation, such as certificates and confirmation of attendance at training courses, in the system, so you can keep all of your CPD information in one place.
  • It will be easier for you to calculate how many more CPD hours you need to do to meet the CPD requirements for your CoC(s).
  • When it is time to renew your CoC, it will be easier to provide evidence that you have met the CPD requirements.

Accessing the online CPD system

All current CoC holders have been sent an email containing the link to the online system.

Follow the link from this email
go to http://extractivescoc.worksafe.govt.nz(external link) and login (you can only use this option if you have already set up a password for the system).

Select “CPD Logbook” on the welcome page once you have logged in.

If the Secretariat does not hold an up-to-date email address for you, please get in touch: BoE_Secretariat@worksafe.govt.nz

How the system works

The system will generate a new CPD logbook for each year during the five year period your CoC is valid.

Each year’s CPD logbook will be automatically generated on the anniversary of your CoC issue date.

When a new year’s CPD logbook is generated, the previous year’s logbook will become read only and not be able to make any amendments to it.

The system will automatically allocate you with the current year’s CPD logbook, based on the date your CoC was issued.

For example, if your CoC was issued on 01/06/2016, automatically be allocated a “Year 2” logbook, since more than a year has passed since your CoC was issued. On 1/06/2018, the “Year 2” logbook will become read only, and a “Year 3” logbook will be generated by the system.

As you enter your CPD learning activities into your logbook, the CPD system will provide a running total of informal and formal hours which you have done for each of the four competencies.

The system will email you every three months, reminding you to check your CPD logbook to see how many more CPD hours need to do before the next year’s logbook is generated.

Holders of multiple CoCs

If you hold multiple CoCs, you will be able to enter all CPD activities into one logbook for the year.

A new logbook will be automatically generated on the anniversary date of your most senior CoC – i.e. the CoC which requires the highest number of hours of CPD learning activities.

You need to make sure that you complete CPD requirements for the CoC with the highest amount of hours, as well as any additional specific topics required for your CoC(s).

CPD logbooks for previous years

You have two options for managing your existing CPD information:

1) In the new CPD system, you can fill in details for earlier years’ CPD learning activities into the relevant logbook until Monday 19 February 2018.

After this date, your previous years’ CPD logbooks will become read only and not be able to make any changes.

Entering your CPD activities from previous years into the new system will ensure that the system holds the most accurate record of your CPD activities.

For example, if your CoC was issued on 20/04/2016, your current logbook will be your “Year 2” logbook.

Until 19 February 2018, be able to enter CPD activities carried out between 20/04/2016 and 19/04/2017 into the “Year 1” logbook.

2) If you do not enter your previous CPD data into the online system before 19 February 2018, you need to keep an accurate hardcopy CPD logbook.

Continued professional development activity logbook (PDF 89 KB)

CPD information provided to the Board of Examiners Secretariat

Many CoC holders have sent their previous years’ CPD logbooks to the Board Secretariat. The information contained in these previous years’ logbooks will not be automatically entered into the online CPD logbook system.

If you have sent us your CPD logbooks, we will let you know the total number of formal and informal CPD hours you have done for each of the four competencies. This will be based on the information you have provided.
You can either enter this information into the online system, or keep a record of these CPD hours elsewhere.

Carrying CPD hours forward

  • Additional hours of CPD learning carried out in any one year can be carried forward to be counted towards the next year’s hours.
  • These hours can either be entered into the CPD logbook for the year in which you carried out the CPD or entered into the logbook for the year you wish the CPD hours to be counted
  • The hours will be included in your running total of CPD hours.
    • For example: you have a B-grade quarry manager CoC which was issued on 17/07/2016 and you did 18 hours of CPD between 17/07/2016 and 16/07/2017. You can either enter all of the 18 hours into your “Year 1” logbook, or enter 12 hours into your “Year 1” logbook and six hours into your “Year 2” logbook.  You will need to do a minimum of six hours of CPD before 17/07/2018 and enter these additional hours into your “Year 2” logbook.

Help using the system

If you have any issues with the new system or if you have any questions about CPD, the Board of Examiners Secretariat will be able to help.

Contact us via email BoE_Secretariat@worksafe.govt.nz or phone 04 901 4980.

Continuing professional development guidelines for extractives (PDF 2.2 MB)