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All holders of certificates of competence (CoCs) must comply with continuing professional development (CPD) requirements. This is required by Regulation 43 of Health and Safety at Work (Mining Operations and Quarrying Operations) Regulation 2016.

Regulation 43 makes continuing professional development (CPD) mandatory for all holders who wish to renew their certificates of competence (CoC). CPD requirements are prescribed by WorkSafe in a notice in the below Gazette, 18 December 2019. CoCs must be renewed every five years. The New Zealand Mining Board of Examiners renews CoCs. Regulation 44 (b) (i) states that an application for the renewal of a CoC must “be accompanied by evidence of the applicant’s compliance with the requirements of regulation 43.”

New Continuing professional development requirements

As of 1st February 2020, new CPD requirements will be in force. The new CPD requirements are set out in the gazette notice below.

New CPD Guidelines have been developed. The Board encourages you to keep a copy of the guidelines with your CPD records for easy reference.

When the new CPD requirements take effect, you are required to record your CPD in the new logbook. However, you may wish to record CPD activities attended or completed before 1 February 2020 in the new CPD logbook as well.

The new CPD Gazette Notices requires evidence to be provided for all CPD activities. The Board is aware there are circumstances where a CoC holder cannot provide the evidence required to demonstrate that they attended or completed a CPD activity. If a CoC holder is not able to provide suitable evidence for an activity then they can use the alternative evidence form instead.

New Zealand Gazette Notice of Requirements for Continuing Professional Development(external link)


Continuing professional development guidelines for extractives (PDF 4.8 MB)
Continuing professional development activity logbook (PDF 102 KB)
Continuing professional development alternative evidence (PDF 43 KB)