Licence holder register

Here you can find a list of current asbestos removal licence holders, Certificate of Competence holders and asbestos assessors.

An asbestos removal licence holder is licensed under the 2016 Regulations. There are two classes of asbestos removal licence: Class A and Class B. 

The following list of names are all current asbestos removal licence holders:

Certificate of Competence holders

Certificate of Competence (CoC) holders are approved to carry out restricted work under the 1998 Regulations. This work is to remove Class A and B asbestos or to supervise others removing Class A and B asbestos.

The following list of names are all current asbestos CoC holders:

Asbestos certificate of competency holders register (PDF 310 KB)

See our licensing overview page for a definition of a ‘competent person, and our competency testing for supervisors page.

From 4 April 2018 a Certificate of Competence holder cannot supervise or remove asbestos. To continue as a removalist, they must become an asbestos removal licence holder.  To continue as a supervisor refer to the supervisor competence testing page.

Current asbestos assessor licence holders

An asbestos assessor provides air quality monitoring during removal work, inspects the finished job and provides a clearance certificate.

From 4 April 2018 an asbestos assessor requires a licence.

The following list of names are all currently licensed asbestos assessors.