WorkSafe commissioned two pieces of research on workers and employers, and consumers and energy safety last year.

The "Employers and workers report"  breaks down health and safety maturity levels across the system as well as by sector for businesses and workers. It examines employer maturity, worker engagement and the impact of workplace safety culture. The research confirms what we have known anecdotally. We have a problem with our safety culture and the research highlights what sectors we can best influence in terms of changing their behaviour and approach to health and safety.

Understanding current attitudes and behaviours is integral to developing interventions that lead to behaviour change and a more mature health and safety culture. The research design uses the latest thinking in behaviour change to tease out the gap between attitudes and behaviour change.

This research replaces the health and safety attitudes and behaviours research carried out in previous years. It goes a step further than previous surveys by identifying what triggers movement from the intention to take action, and taking action. It gives us a benchmark to track improvements in workplace health and safety culture over time and has already been used this year as a foundation input into WorkSafe communications, particularly on social marketing and digital platforms.

The research will allow WorkSafe to track improvements in workplace health and safety culture performance over time as we strive to transform New Zealand’s health and safety performance.

Segmentation and insights programme - Employers and workers (PDF 3.7 MB)

The "Consumers and energy safety report" examines consumers' awareness of the risks associated with electricity and gas usage in the home and their attitudes and behaviours in relation to keeping themselves and others safe.

This research found that there are distinct consumer segments in relation to being safety conscious in their electricity and gas behaviours. These range from those who:

  • do not think a lot about the risks associated with electricity and gas usage
  • want to be safe but are unsure as how to best manage the risks
  • are extremely safety conscious and proactively take steps to look after their own safety and that of others in home.
Segmentation and insights programme - Consumers and Energy Safety (PDF 3.6 MB)