Onsite assessment and advice service

An independent Accredited Assessor can visit your business and assess how well you are performing against the SafePlus performance requirements and provide advice on how to improve. The behavioural based consultative approach gives you fresh, independent, expert insights and advice.

The assessment will:

  • observe practices, behaviours, attitudes perceptions and culture onsite
  • interview workers, managers and senior leaders at all levels
  • review the effectiveness of systems and processes
  • trace three key health and safety risks (including one work-related health risk) in your business to identify how well they are being managed.

Find out more about how SafePlus Accredited Assessors use the behavioural assessment approach:

Once your business has been assessed by an Accredited Assessor, your business will receive a detailed report with an Illustration of Performance, as well as tailored advice to ensure your resources and effort are focussed on the right issues.

The Onsite Assessment and Advisory Service is available for all businesses, but will most likely to appeal to medium and large sized businesses.

There is a cost for the Onsite Assessment and Advisory Service which is set by each Accredited Assessor as part of their existing consulting services.

SafePlus Accredited Assessor register

Accredited Assessors are available for businesses to hire, see the register for their details.

The Guide for Business and Q&As are for businesses interested in the SafePlus Onsite Assessment and Advisory Service.

Onsite assessment and advisory service: A guide for business (PDF 366 KB)

Questions and answers for businesses (PDF 417 KB)

If you are interested in becoming an Accredited Assessor find out more about what the role involves