Vehicles need to be used within their limits and capabilities – choose the right vehicle for the job.

Choose the right vehicle for the job.

Things to consider:

  • the design specification of the vehicle
  • the loading/capacity of the vehicle
  • safe means of access and egress from vehicle cab or trailer unit
  • fuel source (eg if used inside, an electric fork lift may be safer than an LPG fuelled fork lift)
  • visibility (eg rotating lights, running lights, mirrors, reversing alarms/cameras)
  • protective structures (eg falling object protection, roll protection).

Remember to use the safety mechanisms provided with a vehicle (eg seat belt, helmet). 

Vehicle maintenance is also important. Are the safety controls working?

Your mouth is one of the best bits of safety gear you’ve got. Speak up if you see something’s not right.

He taonga haumaru tō reo, whakamahia: Your voice is a powerful safety tool, speak up – use it.