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WorkSafe New Zealand is committed to helping make the manufacturing sector safer for everyone.

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Why is site safety important?

  • Manufacturing is vital to New Zealand’s economy employing around 240,000 people. It represents around 10% of the New Zealand workforce but contributes to 21% of workplace severe injury claims.
  • There were 38 fatal accidents between 2008 and 2014 in manufacturing sector – an average of five a year.
  • As well the risks of working with machinery, tools and vehicles, manufacturing workers also risk exposure on a daily basis to dusts, welding fumes and other airborne substances, including asbestos that can lead to serious ill-health or even an early death.
meet the yappers

Meet Steve and the Yappers

These animated videos have been created to help bosses and workers understand some of the key workplace health and safety concepts in a fun way. Check them out!

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new health and safety at work act

New Health and Safety at Work Act

Find out what you need to know and be doing with the new Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA)

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WorkSafe’s annual construction roadshow kicks off on 19 September in Gisborne.

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